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Insulation Material for Furnace Construction
Mille Board #1000 HD Furnace


Mille Board #1000 HD Furnace is a superior-strength insulation board for furnace construction made by stamping xonotlite crystal and reinforced fiber in a high-pressure forming press.
Board strength well exceeds JIS A 9510 No. 1-15 and No. 1-22, making them suitable for insulation in a wide range of industrial furnaces and backup materials for fireproofing bricks, as well as for insulation of industrial equipment and molding flasks for sand casting, all of which require superior strength for usage in insulation.



Physical Properties

Item Unit Standard Values
Bulk Density kg/m3 320
Bending Strength N/cm2 170
Compressive Strength N/cm2 200
Linear Shrinkage (1000℃ – 3hr) % 0.8
Thermal Conductivity 200℃ W/(m・K) 0.06
400℃ 0.09
600℃ 0.11
Maximum Service Temperature* 1000


Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [mm]
25、50、65、75、100 150、303 610
40、50、70、75 300 910



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