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Noncombustible Board

High-performance noncombustible board from A&AM, built on peace of mind and reliability.

We go beyond the required level of technology in developing products of even higher quality.
These include our noncombustible boards, used as base material for interiors, soffits and decorative boards.
Our rigorous development system and strict quality control have produced the noncombustible, fire prevention performance needed to protect valuable lives and property against the threat of fire, in both residential and public spaces.

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FG Board

FG Board
(Daimaru Sapporo Store)

FG Board
(Osaka Mode Gakuen)

FG Board
(Mihama Culture Hall)

(Osaka Biken)

(Tsubaki Kindgergarten)

(Shikoku Gakuin)

Hiluc Perforated Manufactured Board
(Hofu City Sports Center)

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