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Personal Information Privacy Policy

About the purpose of use of private information handled by our company

Our company currently holds and will continue gathering private information needed for carrying out operations in accordance with our business activities. Private information gathered from customers shall be used for the following kinds of purposes:

  • 1.For carrying out operations pertaining to the prescribed business purposes of our company (transactions, IR activities, inquiries regarding financial transactions and pension fund management, communication, sending of materials, making arrangements, consultation, examination, contracts, receiving and making orders, shipment, billing, depositing money, making payments, debts and credits management, etc.).
  • 2.For providing, gathering, investigating, examining, and dealing with information on products, services, etc., offered by our company.
  • 3.For sending invitations to seminars, exhibitions, etc., organized (sponsored, cosponsored, approved or backed) by our company.
  • 4.For appropriately replying to or handling inquiries, requests, requests for materials, etc. received from customers.
  • 5.For results management, and investigation and consideration of customer needs pertaining to the use of products and services provided to customers.
  • 6.For managing the entry and exit of people and vehicles to and from our company.
  • 7.For liaising with regions in which our offices are located.
  • 8.For sending prizes or notification of prizes in contests for which customers have applied.
  • 9.For the purpose of other reasons the company has given prior notification for and obtained the approval of customers for.

Furthermore, the company may occasionally commission part of or entire operations to a contractor for their smooth execution, in which case private information on customers may be disclosed to the contractor within the bounds of what is required. In such cases, only contractors who clear standards laid down by our company will be chosen, and our company shall also ensure thorough supervision in regard to the appropriate management of handling of private information by them.

Regarding Disclosure or Provision of Private Information to a Third Party

Our company shall not disclose or provide any private information on customers to a third party except in the situations below:

  • 1.When approval has been obtained from the customer.
  • 2.When disclosing or providing private information to a third party specified at the time of obtaining the information from the customer.
  • 3.When disclosing information to a related group company in order to answer to or deal appropriately with a question or request from a customer.
  • 4.When disclosing or providing information in a way that does not reveal the identity of individuals, such as in statistical data.
  • 5.When information is needed within the bounds of what is necessary to fulfill the original purpose of its use after a merger, corporate breakup, business transfer or other reason leading to a takeover of the business.
  • 6.When the company is legally obliged to provide or disclose information to a third party.
  • 7.When it is necessary for the protection of people’s lives, physical well-being, or assets, but difficult to obtain the approval of the customer.
  • 8.When it is particularly necessary in improving public health or promoting the healthy fostering of children, but difficult to obtain the approval of the customer.
  • 9.When the company is obliged to cooperate in the execution of operations laid down in the law by a governmental organization, local authority, or a contractor commissioned to do the work on their behalf, but when there is the danger of the operation being hindered upon obtaining the approval of the customer.

Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Private Information

Send all inquiries regarding the handling of private information here.