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JIS A 9510 Calcium Silicate Insulation Material(JIS A 9510 No. 1-15 for Insulation Covers and Boards)
Super Feather Silica Cover /
Super Feather Silica Board


Super Feather Silica is mainly comprised of xonotlite crystal and reinforced fiber, meeting specifications of JIS A 9510 No. 1-15 for Insulation Covers and Boards.
Super Feather Silica’s bending and compressive strengths exceed those of both rockwool and perlite insulation materials, ensuring the reliability required for even areas most susceptive to vibration and impact.
At the same time, Super Feather Silica has less thermal conductivity than that of either rockwool or perlite insulation materials, with outstanding thermal insulation performance.



Physical Properties

Item Unit JIS A 9510 No. 1-15 (2016)
Bulk Density kg/m3 155 max.
Bending Strength N/cm2 20 min.
Compressive Strength N/cm2 30 min.
Linear Shrinkage
(1000℃ – 3hr)
% 2.0 max.
Thermal Conductivity 200℃ W/(m・K) 0.066 max.
300℃ 0.079 max.
400℃ 0.095 max.
500℃ 0.114 max.
600℃ 0.137 max.
JIS A 9501
Reference Formula

0.0407+0.000128・θ (200≦θ≦300)
0.0555+2.05×10-5・θ+1.93×10-7・θ2 (300<θ≦600)

θ: temperature [℃]

Maximum Service Temperature* 1000




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