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Company History

Month / Year ASK Corp. Asano Slate Co., Ltd.
December 1914   The Asano slate plant is built in Fukagawa, Tokyo, becoming Japan’s first producer of asbestos slate. This construction marks the founding of Asano Slate Co., Ltd.
October 1923   Asano Slate merges with Asano Cement Co. becoming the Slate Department of that company.
March 1924 Asahi Slate Co., Ltd. is established in Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama, marking the foundation of Asahi Sekimen Kogyo Co., Ltd.  
March 1944 Asahi Slate Co., Ltd. Yamanashi Plant is opened  
May 1949 Asahi Slate lists its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  
December 1950 Company name is changed to Asahi Sekimen Kogyo Co., Ltd. and head office moves to Chuo Ward, Tokyo.  
May 1951   Asano Slate is spun off from Nihon Cement Co. (formerly Asano Cement Co.) establishing Asano Slate Co., Ltd.
October 1951   Company name changed to Asano Slate Co., Ltd.
July 1960   Asano Slate establishes Kanto Asano Pipe Co., Ltd.
January 1962   Asano Slate opens Osaka Plant.
July 1962 Asahi Sekimen Kogyo establishes Asahi Keisan Kogyo Co., Ltd.  
October 1962   Asano Slate lists its shares on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
November 1975   Asano Slate opens Ibaraki Plant.
April 1987 Asahi Sekimen Kogyo changes its name to ASK Corp.  
January 1989 Head office moved to Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama  
November 1989 ASK Corp. establishes Ask Sanshin Engineering Corp. Ltd.  
May 1991 Yamanashi Plant is spun off into a separate company named Ask Technica Corporation.  
February 1999 ASK Corp.’s AP Connector Department and Shiga Plant are certified under ISO 9002.  
December 1999   Osaka Plant is certified under ISO 9002.
October 2000 ASK Corp. and Asano Slate merge to become A&A Material Corporation, establishing its head office to Minato Ward, Tokyo.
February 2001 Ibaraki Plant is certified under ISO 9002.
June 2002 A&AM moves its head office to Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama.
March 2004 Ibaraki Plant, and Osaka Plant are spun off as separate companies, respectively named A&A Ibaraki Co., Ltd. and A&A Osaka Co., Ltd.
January 2005 A&A Ibaraki and the Technology Development Center are certified under ISO 14001.
February 2006 A&A Osaka is certified under ISO 14001.
February 2009 The Company’s construction contracting business is spun off to establish A&A Construction Co., Ltd.

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