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Business Description

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Building Materials Business

We manufacture and sell interior and exterior materials for various noncombustible boards (Hiluc, etc.), decorative boards (Stendo Series, etc.), and we provide safety and security, having obtained various construction approvals for noncombustible boards. In addition, in the field of transportation civil engineering, we are engaged in the sales of the flame-resistant material "Tunnelite" for tunnel buildings, tunnel interior cable flame-resistant materials, tunnel interior decorative materials, and tunnel repair / reinforcement type frame materials.

Pipe Business

We are engaged in the sales of flame-resistant double layer pipes and related accessories and "one-touch couplings" with pre-installed joint filler, which are piping materials penetrating the fire protection zone of fireproof / flame-resistant structures such as buildings and condominiums.

  • *In construction projects such as flame-resistant coating work, we decided to spin off into A&A Construction Co., Ltd. in October 2009 in order to further strengthen sales and expand our services. For details of construction projects, please visit the A&A Construction Co., Ltd. website.

Industrial Products Business

Thermal insulation for piping and equipment such as electricity and gas related plants, extension couplings for protecting ducts and piping from heat and vibration, heat and sound insulation materials for partition walls, ceilings and floors of ships, conveyor rollers for high temperature heat treatment processes, fireproof boxes for valve actuators, and other disaster prevention products. In the field of automobile related products, we also deal with seal materials, brake linings and clutch facings.

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