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Environmental Charter

Environmental Philosophy

The A & A Material Group will contribute to the sustainable development of society and the economy by conducting corporate activities that consider the preservation of the global environment, with thermal and sound control technology, effective use of resources, and recycling technology as the pillars.

Environmental Policy

  1. We construct and support environmental management systems, to contribute to the improvement of environmental sustainability.
  2. We comply with all laws, regulations, ordinances and protocols regarding production, sales, construction projects, waste disposal, and other operations.
  3. We reduce environmental burdens by promoting resource- and energy-saving measures and establishing systems to reduce, recycle and reuse waste.
  4. We take care to protect the environment and develop innovative technologies to reduce environmental burdens.
  5. We actively implement education and awareness-raising with respect to all employees and related persons regarding environmental preservation, advancing and instilling activities to protect the environment.
  6. We engage in exchange with and disclose information to regional communities, actively promoting environmental-preservation activities in harmony with communities.

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