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Basic Policy on Compliance

The A&A Material Group positions compliance as its highest business priority. We recognize that thorough attention to compliance is vital in fortifying our management foundations. In addition to strictly complying with all laws and regulations governing our business activities, we conduct our affairs with the highest impartiality and transparency, conforming to social norms.
The Group promotes compliance-based management by establishing and implementing the seven items of its Basic Policy as below.

  1. All Group directors and employees correctly understand the spirit of the Management Philosophy, Code of Conduct and Compliance Declaration. All directors and employees fulfill their ethical responsibilities, complying strictly with all laws, regulations, in-house regulations, in-house provisions and other regulatory requirements, and conforming to social norms, morals and decorum.
  2. All Group companies liaise with each other to form arrangements and rules ensuring that compliance management can be practically implemented. Through appropriate measures to educate and raise awareness at all director and employee levels, the Group works to awaken, spread and instill the compliance mindset.
  3. When social demands change or laws and regulations are revised, repealed or otherwise changed, the Group implements the necessary in-house systems and regulations that form the bedrock of the Group’s business operations, and thoroughly informs all directors and employees of said changes.
  4. If a compliance-related problem is discovered, the facts are promptly investigated and the causes uncovered, and the Group formulates an appropriate response policy to fulfill its corporate responsibilities.
  5. The Group discloses necessary corporate information in a timely, appropriate, fair and impartial manner, and works to promote dialog with all Group stakeholders.
  6. The Group respects the cultures and customs of every country and region in which we do business, complying with local laws.
  7. The Group absolutely refrains from any dealings with anti-social forces and organizations that threaten the safety and order of civil society. We steadfastly refuse unlawful or inappropriate demands from such forces.

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